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6 Yu-Gi-Oh! 25th Anniversary Cards You Absolutely Need

6 Yu-Gi-Oh! 25th Anniversary Cards You Absolutely Need

The Legendary Collection: 25th Anniversary Collection has been a massive success in terms of sales. Five sets, including Legend of Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Metal Raiders, Spell Ruler, Pharaoh's Servant, and Invasion of Chaos are getting their own booster box for the first time in nearly two decades. This nostalgic reprint is sure to zap people back to the past – us included – but also give us some incredible new cards, specifically Quarter Century Secret Rares

For avid collectors, having reprints that are barely distinguishable from the originals is fantastic news. No more settling for cards that look like they've been through the wringer. Instead, you can enjoy mint-condition copies at what could possibly be more affordable prices than their worn-out original counterparts.


Without further ado, let’s talk about the 6 25th Anniversary cards that you need to have in your collection.

Obelisk the Tormentor LC01-EN001 Limited Edition (YGO Legendary Collection)

6. Obelisk the Tormentor

Let’s start with one of the cheaper – but no less important – Quarter Century Secret Rares. Those familiar with the anime are aware of the card’s pivotal role in the Battle City storyline, making this one of the most highly coveted cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! history.

The Obelisk Quarter Century Secret Rare, like the other cards in this tier, comes with a holographic champagne-gold name and watermark, plus a Secret Rare foiling that separates it from common cards. 


If there’s any time to get a Secret Rare, it’s now. You're guaranteed to get one in every Legendary Collection, so even if you usually have bad pulling luck, you won't miss out this time around.


5. Dimension Fusion

Dimension Fusion's scarcity and immense power have made it one of the most coveted treasures in Yu-Gi-Oh! This spell card’s ability to summon every monster that’s been removed from play for just 2000 Life Points made it so powerful in-game that it eventually got banned. 


If you’ve been trying to get your hands on one of the original prints but have been turned off by the exorbitant prices, this might be your chance to get it in mint-condition at a less scary price.



4. Dark Magician 

Surprising to no one, Dark Magician – both the Ultra Rare and Secret Rare versions – are some of the most popular cards in the new collection. Yugi’s signature card in the anime and manga are reprinted in a special foil treatment, but retain their iconic original artworks that we know and love.


Exodia the Forbidden One Ultra Rare Card

3. Exodia Ultra Rare

The appeal is obvious: it's a beautiful Ultra Rare card, and the black-themed Exodia looks amazing. While its effect and anime significance might not be exceptional, it's still arguably the most popular card in Dark Crisis. We’re likely to see it go up in price down the line, too, since Dark Crisis cards aren’t being printed as much as other packs in the 25th Anniversary collection. 


Slifer the Sky Dragon Quarter Century Secret Rare

2. Slifer the Sky Dragon 

The reason for Slifer the Sky Dragon's strong market value isn’t just nostalgia, although it certainly plays a role. It is first and foremost a powerful and highly playable card, with abilities that make it the most reliable among the three Egyptian Gods. For collectors, you get a piece of Yu-Gi-Oh history with this card – in the anime’s Battle City arc, this is the first Egyptian Gods card that Yugi gets.


Blue Eyes White Dragon Quarter Century Secret Rare


1. Blue-Eyes White Dragon

With only a handful of first-edition pulls ever recorded and a rarity in reprint packs, obtaining the iconic Blue-Eyes White Dragon card is a true feat. Its legacy in Yu-Gi-Oh media and powerful presence in the game have earned it a well-deserved price tag, making it a prized treasure in the hearts of duelists everywhere. 


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