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About Us

Titan Cards is a small online retailer of Trading Cards run by a long time Pokemon collector and fan. As a result it was mostly Pokemon products that we stocked including a huge range of Pokemon Card Singles and one of the largest selections of Pokemon Codes for the TCG Online, featuring instant browser and email based delivery of nearly all of the Pokemon Online Codes we offer (excluding only pre-order items).

I aim to provide the best service I can, endeavoring to provide the fastest shipping times and the best communication and responses to any queries. As a player of the TCG and collector of the cards myself I'm quite well placed to avoid problems and will do anything I can to help make your experience shopping with us a good one. Please check out our Facebook reviews & recommendations and Trustpilot account and shop with confidence.

As an old Nostalgic collector of Pokemon Cards I am proud to be stocking cards from every Pokemon TCG set since the original base set and I regularly spend time quality checking older cards and adding more each week so be sure to check them out.

Although there is a heavy bias toward Pokemon products I am also starting to stock more and more products from other major TCG/CCG's such as Cardfight Vanguard, Magic the Gathering, Future Card Buddyfight and Yu-Gi-Oh. A good range of general trading card accessories are also available including toploaders, soft sleeves, albums/portfolios and more.

Titan Cards Timeline

In 2018 I was selling cards on my old eBay store which I'd sold toys and games on for 15 years already, including various TCG's and I decided it was time to take the next step and set up our own website.
I've been a self taught webmaster since the dawn of the internet when I was playing around on Microsoft Frontpage amongst others at about 14 years old. After much discussion in my gaming discord channel about what I should call my new store Titan Cards was born in April of 2018.
Another year later I had fulfilled the crazy dream of back cataloging all the old Pokemon Card sets right the way back to the Base Set, as it seemed a lot of the incumbent major players in TCG at the time weren't doing it, so with retro cards and a great selection of instant delivery codes for the then Pokemon TCG online we started to grow pretty quickly.

First employee

Late on in 2019 after working flat out 12+ hour days incl weekends for a long old time I took on my first employee whilst at the same time beginning out venture into Amazon's marketplace (minefield, anyone?)
After a long and arduous training regime, we had another fully trained trading card executive who was ready to roll, and I could have my first day off in a year to go to Harry Potter World, good times.

Our website

After initially only really stocking Pokemon TCG Online Codes and Singles we have since expanded our catalog to over 30,000 TCG Products including the above as well as popular Yu-Gi-Oh! expansions and cards, One Piece Card Game boosters/boxes and many other TCG items.
Today we continue to work toward our ultimate aim of being a trustworthy place for TCG players and collectors alike to get their products at a good price while striving to continually provide a personal and friendly service.
The Titan Cards Website in 2023
The Titan Cards website, as it was in 2023.
Titan Cards website relaunched in 2024
Our new website launched on February 16th, 2024. Providing greater functionality, more payment methods, a solid built in Reward Scheme and many other features to improve your experience.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our site and please do get in touch with any enquiries!

Best regards

Luke Hackett

Titan Cards Ltd, Founder