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Detective Pikachu TCG Card Set List with Pictures incl Promo Cards and more!

Detective Pikachu TCG Card Set List with Pictures incl Promo Cards and more!

As the excitement of the build up to the highly anticipated Detective Pikachu live action movie builds a whole host of exclusive movie themed products; TCG and otherwise are in the pipeline. Detective Pikachu will be the very first Pokemon live action movie and will see theatrical releases from May 10th, 2019 onward.

We've known for a while that the Pokemon Trading Card game will have it's very own exclusive Mini set based on Detective Pikachu but up until now details have been fairly sketchy - fortunately we've now got all the info hot of the press.

The Pokemon Detective Pikachu collection of TCG products will include

- A special collection of 18 cards making up the main set, all themed around the movie. Sources say that all of the cards in the set are holos. The booster packs for the Detective Pikachu mini set contain 4 cards and are available exclusively from DP Boxes and Blisters.

- A range of blister packs and case files featuring the following exclusive promo cards and online code cards such as Charizard GX SM195, Detective Pikachu SM194 and Greninja GX SM197. These products will all be released on March 29th.

- A special Detective Pikachu Collector Chest will be released on May 3rd, 2019.

Detective Pikachu Set List & Images

These are the Pokemon Cards you can get from the Detective Pikachu Booster Packs. We stock all of the Pokemon cards below in our Detective Pikachu Cards section. I'll be the first to admit when I first saw these card artworks I was a little conflicted as to whether I liked them or not but like the whole Pikachu having a human voice in the movie situation, I have grown to embrace it all  and they've really grown on me. Wouldn't want to bump into this rendition of Snubbull in a dark alley though!

Although there are no obviously powerful cards i.e. GX's etc in the set some of the cards I'm sure will find their way into players decks due to either useful Abilities such as Ludicolo's Table Service or interesting attacks like Mewtwo's Psyjack and for those of us who simply collect the cards this little mini set is really unique and in years to come I'm sure will become highly collectable due to the limited nature of the releases.

Bulbasaur 1/18 Ludicolo 2/18
Charmander 4/18 Common Pokemon Card (Detective Pikachu)
Morelull 3/18 Charmander 4/18
Charizard 5/18 Arcanine 6/18
Psyduck 7/18 Magikarp 8/18
Greninja 9/18 Rare Pokemon Card (Detective Pikachu)
Greninja 9/18 Detective Pikachu 10/18
Mewtwo 12/18 Rare Pokemon Card (Detective Pikachu)
Mr. Mime 11/18 Mewtwo 12/18
Machamp 13/18 Rare Pokemon Card (Detective Pikachu) Jigglypuff 14/18 Common Pokemon Card (Detective Pikachu)
Machamp 13/18 Jigglypuff 14/18
Snubbull 15/18 Common Pokemon Card (Detective Pikachu)
Snubbull 15/18 Lickitung 16/18
Ditto 17/18 Slaking 18/18


Promo Cards from the Detective Pikachu set

As well as the main set of eighteen cards there are also a number of promo cards, many of which are fairly powerful GX cards featuring some popular fan favourite mons. The GX cards look like they could be amazing if put into the right hands & decks Charizard GX could be a bit of a slow burner (like what I did there?) because of the sheer amount of energy needed for it's main attacks but the Raging Destruction ability could help to fuel it with energy quite quickly. Greninja GX only needing 2 energy to hit a Mist Slash for 130 that ignores enemy resistance is certainly not to be sniffed at either!


Charizard GX SM195 Jumbo Oversized Pokemon Promo Card  Detective Pikachu SM194 Holo Pokemon Promo Card 
Charizard GX SM195 Detective Pikachu SM194
Greninja GX SM197 Jumbo Oversized Pokemon Promo Card Mewtwo GX SM196 Promo Card (Detective Pikachu Series) 
Greninja GX SM197 Mewtwo GX SM196


Hope you guys are all as excited as me to see the Movie and of course the Pokemon Card releases. We are taking pre-orders on all of the main set cards, promo cards, booster packs and online codes from the Detective Pikachu series already so please check them out when you get chance and in the meantime I'll leave you with the latest trailer for the movie, enjoy!


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