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Shining Fates Cards Revealed

Shining Fates Cards Revealed

This week, The Pokémon Company officially revealed some cards from the upcoming Shining Fates expansion. The Shining Fates set will consist of cards from various Pokémon TCG products that didn’t release here in the West, such as the popular Shiny Star V set from Japan. Let’s take a closer look at some of the stunning artwork:

Charizard VMAX:

The shiny Charizard VMAX is reminiscent of the Charizard GX we saw in Hidden Fates back in 2019, a set that proved extremely popular with collectors. That card now sells for hundreds of pounds, depending on the grading. We expect shiny Charizard VMAX to hold the same immense value when it launches next month. A deck with four of these might just be the most precious possession on the planet!



Rillaboom VMAX:

Shiny Rillaboom VMAX rivals Charizard VMAX with its whopping HP and beautiful artwork, but it doesn’t boast the same amount of epic damage. However, those of you playing the Rowlet & Alolan Exeggutor Tag Team GX deck might have already found a spot for Rillaboom VMAX when it originally released in the Rebel Clash expansion. With the shiny variant launching soon, it could be time to upgrade your deck with a shiny flair.
Falinks V:
Falinks V is another card that shared some of the spotlight back when Rebel Clash first released. When paired with Falinks (RCL 109) it created an opportunity to deal high damage whilst minimising the impact of your opponent’s attacks. Those of you who enjoyed using this deck could certainly bring it back with a shockingly shiny twist!
Polteageist (DAA 83):
The Mad Party deck grew in popularity last year as a dark horse. It unexpectedly ranked quite well in some 2020 tournaments, and now the deck can get a shiny makeover thanks to the Shining Fates expansion. Polteageist’s Tea Break ability is crucial to the winning strategy, so fans of the deck will surely be eager to get their hands on the shiny variant when it launches in February. But that’s not all! Those of you who love this deck will be excited to know that this isn’t the only shiny card you can use…
Dedenne (DAA 78):
Dedenne is another Darkness Ablaze card that features the Mad Party attack, which is the key to the deck’s big damage. The shiny variant of this card is stunning, so if you haven’t already tried the Mad Party deck, now’s your chance. With the sheer number of shiny cards that you can stuff in, you’re sure to be the envy of any rival!
The Shining Fates set launches February 19th.
There’s going to be a wide array
of products available, but there’s no need to be overwhelmed! Check out our simple preview here to find out everything you need to know. It’s sure to be a popular set, so keep an eye on our pre-order page to get those orders in as soon as the set is available! Stay tuned to our blog for more on the Shining Fates set as we get closer to launch!


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