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Shining Fates: Set Preview & What We Know So Far

Shining Fates: Set Preview & What We Know So Far
 Shining Fates
Set Preview & What We Know So Far

Happy New Year to all our customers. The next mini expansion set to be released on February 19th 2021 (which hopefully we’ll have stock of by this date, Covid dependent…can Pokémon even catch Covid?) from the Pokémon TCG is Sword & Shield 4.5- Shining Fates!  This is expected to be a popular expansion so make sure you’re quick off the mark with your orders once it drops.

Shiny Pokémon are so extraordinary that they're almost never seen, and Trainers who catch them are considered quite lucky. Celebrate the Galar region and the incredible Pokémon that live and battle there with beautifully etched cards—including the spectacular Shiny Charizard in its Gigantamax form. 

The set includes:

Over 190 cards

More than 100 Shiny Pokémon

More than 30 Pokémon V and Pokémon VMAX

9 Shiny Pokémon V

7 Shiny Pokémon VMAX

3 Amazing Rare Pokémon of Yveltal, Kygore, and Reshiram.

Shiny Charizard VMAX (The black shiny variant of Charizard). 

The complete Shining Fates expansion will be available to play in the Pokémon TCG Online when the expansion launches.
Fans have been long awaiting the successor to the Hidden Fates set from 2019 and a lot of speculation was given to what this set would be called. Our guess was Hidden Fates 2, however the Pokémon Company International landed on Shining Fates, which we believe is an amalgamation of Shining Legends (Sun & Moon set that was released in October 2017- Titan Cards still stocks many of these cards) and of course Hidden Fates
So, here’s what we know so far (a follow up to this article will be printed post release of the set):
All the products and artwork images have now been revealed, so let’s take a look at what will available to buy with your hard-earned cash (or somebody else’s) when the set is released.
Booster Pack Artwork (available February 19, 2021): Includes Charizard, Corviknight, Dragapult and Toxtricity. All artworks bare the characteristic star background pattern which indicates a Shiny Pokémon. First seen in Hidden Fates and now brought over to Shining Fates. Each booster pack contains 10 cards. 
Shining Fates Elite Trainer Box (available February 19, 2021): Includes 10 Shining Fates booster packs, one shiny promo card featuring Eevee VMAX, and various gameplay accessories. It appears that Pokémon creators have chosen to bring back the similar diamond gold and black background that we saw with Hidden Fates. 
 Shining Fates Tins (available February 19, 2021): Includes six Shining Fates booster packs and one shiny V promo card featuring Eldegoss V (SWSH084), Boltund V (SWSH085), or Cramorant V (SWSH086). The great thing about these tins is that each one guarantees you a Shiny promo card of the tins namesake Pokemon.
 Shining Fates Collection Box—Pikachu V (available February 19, 2021): Includes four Shining Fates booster packs, as well as one V Promo card and one oversize/jumbo promo card featuring Pikachu V. For this collection box the creators have chosen not to include a shiny Pikachu V as the promo card, which we feel is little disappointing, but at least our favourite electro mouse is still featured. 
 Shining Fates Mad Party Pin Collections (available February 19, 2021): Includes three Shining Fates booster packs; one holo promo card featuring Bunnelby, Dedenne, Galarian Mr. Rime, or Polteageist; and one corresponding pin. Similar to the Mew and Mewtwo pin collections we saw in Hidden fates. 
Shining Fates Mini Tins (available March 5, 2021): Includes two Shining Fates booster packs and one metallic coin. Featured Pokemon will include; Reshiram, Celebi, Kyogre, Phione (with Inteleon in the background) and Zarude (with Eldegoss in the background). The tins all feature artwork of mythical or legendary Pokemon in a water/meadow/forest setting. 
Shining Fates Premium Collections Boxes (available March 5, 2021): Includes seven Shining Fates booster packs; one shiny promo card featuring either Shiny Crobat V or Shiny Dragapult V plus their respective VMAX versions and one shiny oversize/jumbo promo card featuring either Shiny Crobat VMAX or Shiny Dragapult VMAX; and one corresponding metallic coin.
Many fans believe the Shining Fates cards will mostly replicate the Japanese Pokémon set S4a Shiny Star V – The full Shiny Star V set can be found via this link. 
We will publish our predicted most valuable cards of the set in a separate article, but for now we will list a few of the cards we believe will be featured in this set.
Eevee VMAX 
This card is likely to be the featured promo card in the Elite Trainer Box. Who doesn’t like Eevee? We like the look of this particular Eevee artwork and look forward to seeing it in person and translated to English. 
Shiny Lapras V and VMAX
A pair of cards we anticipate being very sought after. Players of the Pokemon TCG online state that this a must have for their water deck. Even as a collectible card we believe this will be very popular and depending on how many end up in circulation could determine its predicted high value. 
Shiny Ditto VMAX
Another card we are excited to pull is the Shiny Ditto VMAX. We hope it is included in Shining Fates, we think there may be an uproar amongst fans and collectors alike if it isn’t. It is a particularly interesting card for game players as you can choose one of your opponent’s active Pokémon’s attacks and use this as Ditto’s attack, which we think is pretty cool. 
(From left to right: Eevee VMAX, Lapras V, Lapras VMAX & Ditto VMAX)
Eternatus V and VMAX, Zacian V and Zamazenta V- Black and Gold cards!!
We are very hopeful that these will feature in Shining Fates, they are set to be a fan favourite, especially for collectors. One of these Shiny Star V cards are currently worth around $50 in the US, so we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed that we can pull some of these. 
That’s it for now. We will be releasing a follow up article on Shining Fates post release, as well as the aforementioned article where we will be attempting to gauge which will be Shining Fates  most valuable cards!
Titan Cards Team.
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