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These Are the Best Pokémon Sets and Expansion Packs to Date

These Are the Best Pokémon Sets and Expansion Packs to Date

Let's look back on the most popular sets and expansion packs based on value and sales.

Since 1998, the Pokémon Trading Card Game has captured the hearts of millions of collectors across the globe. The sensational card game has produced over 10,000 cards over the last two decades, with each expansion pack building on the existing iconography.

Some of the most memorable sets included game-changing new cards that alter the mechanics  – V cards, Tag Team variants, and Ex cards, to name a few. For collectors who prize rarity above all, the promise of exciting new chase cards build anticipation for each new TCG release.

Let’s take a look on some of the best releases so far.


  1. Base Set

Unsurprisingly, the First Edition Base Set is still considered to be the most valuable set in the Pokémon TCG. A single Charizard or Mewtwo card from the Base Set can sell for astonishing amounts.

While newer sets may be flashier, cooler, and better produced, the Base Set will always be the most iconic and important set in the Pokémon TCG. As the first expansion set in the game, it helped launch the demand for Pokémon cards, which has led to the explosion of the Pokémon franchise. It’s responsible for the 90’s Pokémon card craze and deserves its spot in the canon.

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  1. XY Roaring Skies

The XY Roaring Skies expansion was first launched in May 2015 and has had tremendous impact in the Pokémon TCG as a whole ever since. It’s the sixth expansion pack for Pokémon XY one of the most powerful expansion packs during its release, making it a highly-coveted gem in any player’s collection for its Mega Evolution and EX cards.


Today, its high-rarity cards can fetch a significant amount. The Shaymin-EX, for instance, is valued at $121 when graded at a 10. It’s also one of the strongest cards in-game, with high splashability that made it a staple in almost any deck.


The Rayquaza Ex 105 Full Art variant, currently valued at around $62, continues to be a coveted card alongside the powerful VS Seeker, Ultra Ball, and Trainer's Mail.


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  1. Black & White Legendary Treasures


The Legendary Treasures expansion is the final expansion of the Black & White series. It was released in 2013 and featured 13 Pokémon-EX cards, including some from the Radiant Collection. The set also had plenty of visually stunning holographic cards, making it a great choice for collectors. Although it’s by no means the rarest set in the entirety of the Pokémon TCG, the fact that it never had any attached Theme Decks means it’s hard to come by today.


The set also introduced three new Full Art cards, namely the Chandelure EX and Excadrill EX which were illustrated by Ryo Ueda, and Meloetta EX, illustrated by Eske Yoshinob.


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  1. Skyridge

We can't make this list without mentioning Skyridge, the iconic one-print Pokémon Trading Card Game set that was released in May 2003. This set is home to some of the most valuable cards in the entire Pokémon TCG, including the Crystal Charizard, Ho-Oh, Gengar, and Celebi. In mint or near-mint condition, these cards can sell for over $1,000 each.

The cards in the set are beautifully designed, with some of the best artwork in the Pokémon TCG. Plus, the set is relatively old, being out of print for almost 20 years. This makes the cards even more rare and valuable.

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