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Unifying Pokemon Sun & Moon Unified Minds Set Previews

Unifying Pokemon Sun & Moon Unified Minds Set Previews

Pokémon Sun & Moon is the Pokémon generation that just keeps on giving to TCG players. There are more and more cards with each set, they’re becoming stronger and stronger, and of course, they are looking more and more stunning. This may seem like a general statement that could apply to any fan’s hyped expectations for a new TCG set, but here, it is a reality. A big reality.

The Number of Cards

Firstly, let’s address the elephant in the room – the ridiculous number of cards in this set. While Pokémon officially lists the number of cards as ‘230+’, we believe the number is closer to 250 when accounting for all the secret rare cards available. Now, if you’re unaware of what this number means, it means that this set will reach a previously unheard-of number of cards. 250 is a huge number. For comparison, Pokémon’s original Base Set only contained 102 cards. That gives Unified Minds 148 cards more, which is great news.

For one thing, this set isn’t just reprinted cards either, as often new releases will contain many reprints from earlier sets. Unified Minds has set out to be different, and will give us a lot to collect, as well as a lot to add to our decks. Also, the cards aren’t there as filler content either, which is something you’ll definitely figure out quickly when taking a closer look at them. From powerhouse Tag Team GX cards, to tactical supporter cards, Unified Minds has your playstyle covered in each and every way that you need.


Release Date

Pokémon has officially scheduled the English release date for 02 August 2019, which is much closer than we had originally thought it would be out. While this is still a week or so away, you can relieve your release date angst by checking out Japan’s version of the set, Miracle Twin, which was released on 31 May 2019. The big difference between the English and Japanese set boils down to the number of cards, which is substantially less on the Japanese side of things, with their version only having around 115 cards. But, it is often still useful to look at their sets to see what will be included in Unified Minds, and see some fan-translated cards so that you know what the cards can do.


What’s Included

So far, we can preview a large chunk of what products Pokémon will be releasing Unified Minds through, as follows:




  • 1x Elite trainer box, which includes: 8 Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon Unified Minds booster packs; 65 card sleeves featuring Mewtwo & Mew; 45 Pokémon TCG Energy cards; a player's guide to the Sun & Moon Unified Minds set; 6 damage-counter dice; 1 competition-legal coin-flip die; 2 acrylic status condition markers and 1 acrylic Tag Team GX marker; a collector's box with 4 dividers to keep it organized; and a code card for the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online







  • 2x theme decks featuring, with one focusing on the psychic type, Necrozma, and another on electric, water and dragon types with Dragonite



  • 1x 9-pocket portfolio, featuring Mewtwo and Mew on the front, and Darkrai and Umbreon on the back



  • 1x 4-pocket portfolio, featuring Giratina and Garchomp on the front, and Espeon and Deoxys on the back



Specific Cards of Interest

Undoubtedly, the biggest focus of Unified Minds is the Tag Team GX cards. As a recent addition to the Pokémon TCG, they are hot among fans right now, and rightfully so. They look great, are extremely useful in play, and rare for all the collectors out there. To show off the greatness of these cards, Pokémon TCG director, Atsushi Nagashima gave an interview with the official Pokémon Company to discuss the mechanics of them and thoughts that went into creating them. Clearly, these are some cards he wants to draw attention to, so let’s take a look at them:


  • Garchomp & Giratina Tag Team GX: according to Nagashima, this was a card that his team came up with the logic for before the card itself. Wanting a unique card that’s strong in an unusual way, they came up with a less-offensive version of a Garchomp and Giratina, who are usually known for their great attacks. With that in mind, they focused the card on its GX attack ‘GG End’, which lets you discard two of your opponent’s Pokémon and all cards attached to it. Maybe not the strongest attack, but tactically advantageous in many ways.


  • Mewtwo & Mew Tag Team GX: the basic principle here was to take two of the best-known Pokémon, and create one of the best cards. It’s that simple, and the more you look at the card, the more you’ll see just how well-rounded it is. Both Mewtwo and Mew cards have both been mainstays in the TCG, and this card is definitely out there to prove this true in Unified Minds as well.


  • Mega Sableye & Tyranitar Tag Team GX: while this card boasts a great GX attack, ‘Gigafall’, which deals 250 damage, the design for it was actually based upon the need for a dark type GX, as well as to satisfy desires to include the Mega evolution for Sableye in the TCG, and the fan favorite, Tyranitar.



  • Slowpoke & Psyduck Tag Team GX: honestly, it’s not really for the competitive players, but Nagashima notes that he and his team want players to have fun with it. From purposely strange moves to a cute and lovable image, the whole thing is striving for a lighthearted take on the TCG.


  • Espeon & Deoxys Tag Team GX: developed as a card to supplement the usage of the immensely powerful Mewtwo & Mew Tag Team GX card, it is a simple to use, but hugely beneficial card to any psychic type deck.


  • Umbreon & Darkrai Tag Team GX: despite its regular move, ‘Black Lance’ being great for its 150-damage output for only 3 energy, as well as 60 damage to 1 of your opponent’s Pokémon GX or EX cards, it was actually intended as a card to mirror Espeon & Deoxys Tag Team GX. Nagashima wanted a card to be like a natural rival to Espeon & Deoxys, and imagined Umbreon & Darkrai would be a good natural competitor.



  • Rowlet & Alolan Exeggutor Tag Team GX: this card is a surprise in terms of its strength in play. Neither Rowlet nor Exeggutor are really known for their capabilities, but when combined in the TCG, their GX moves proves to be one of the best so far. Dealing a ridiculously powerful 200 damage, it comes equipped with the effect that if you have an extra 3 grass energy attached to it (in addition to its 3 grass energy cost), your opponent shuffles all the energy from all of their Pokémon back into their deck. Now, we don’t know about you, but to us, that seems like one of the most powerful GX moves to date.


  • Raichu & Alolan Raichu Tag Team GX: topping off his list, Nagashima wanted to note that Raichu & Alolan Raichu Tag Team GX isn’t a card to be ignored either. Instead, it’s a card to combo with other electric types, and show off your technical strengths as a player.


Final Words

Overall, Unified Minds is one of the best sets to come out in the Pokémon TCG in a long time, and it is inclusive of a lot… and we mean a lot! The number of cards is high, the release date is soon, the products are diverse, and the cards are great! So, watch out for the 2nd of August! It’s going to be a big day!

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