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Everyone wants these 10 cards from Silver Tempest!

Everyone wants these 10 cards from Silver Tempest!

You can find Silver Tempest on store shelves November 11, 2022, this set will most likely send the Sword & Shield era into the new year on a high note with a bunch of must-have cards.

This is one of the final boosters for Sword & Shield era of Pokemon TCG, Silver Tempest is aiming to congratulate all of the mechanics discovered in the era, whilst building a strong foundation for the new year.

For fans, some of the fan-favourite characters are getting high-rarity cards. Wallace and Serena make their initial appearance in the Pokemon TCG along with full-art supporters, they are also featured on Trainer Gallery versions of Milotic and Braixen. Alternate-art versions of Regidrago V and Unown V also look ace.

The sets most desired chase card is alternate-art Lugia V, which is dominating the market for the fans that wanted a copy from the prior Japanese set.

For collectors, new beautiful Pokemon such as Radiant Tsareena and Radiant Jirachi are ready to witness meta relevance with skills worth the downside of only having a single copy. Serperior VSTAR is starting up a powerful Grass set that has the potential of incredible energy usage with a non-VSTAR attack that can restart all of your in-play energy.

Though they can be stuck at Rogue Tier, Delphox and Braixen they both have the Flare Parade attack, which is powered by the number of Serena cards in the graveyard up to 240 damage. Today, we will be counting down the best 10 cards you'll want to see when opening your packs of Silver Tempest!

#10 Radiant Jirachi

This Pokemon introduced in Brilliant Stars is still amazing, and the founder of the cards in Silver Tempest just might be able to penetrate the competitive meta. The strong stall card (Radiant Jirachi) that forces your opposition to knock it out and gives you three cards from your deck and even give it the chance to knock out your opponent's Pokemon with Astral Misfortune.


Even though you can only play a single copy, Furisode Girl can search up Radian Jirachi which is a new card. Can also put it into active slot to make opponents slip into a bad spot. Combined with a card that gives two colourless energy, you can also go straight into knocking out your oppositions Pokemon.


#9 Blaziken V (Trainer Gallery)

Blaziken VMAX has now got an alternate-art version in Chilling Reign, the two Blaziken's have new versions in Silver Tempest Trainer Gallery (Blaziken V and Blaziken VMAX). These new versions include one of the fans favourite trainers from Pokemon animated series, May. She joined Ash whilst traelling in the Hoenn region.

She started her journey as a Pokemon Trainer along with Torchic, which then evolved into a Blaziken throughout the series. As she started using her efforts in becoming a master coordinator, Blaziken became her awesome Pokemon in battles and beauty contests.

VMAX and Blaziken V show that May continued to train up her Blaziken soom after her journeys with Ash she unlocked the power of Dynamax. If you're a fan of the third generation of Pokemon, of if you want an alternate-art Blaziken VMAX without parting with £100, these are a great choice to flesh out your binder.


#8 Friends in Galar (Trainer Gallery)

Since being released in the Japanese deck, VMAX Climax, the friends in Galar card has fascinated players. The primary characters are featured in this card in Sword & Shield Pokemon games: Marnie, Hop and Bede, along with the character Victor and Gloria. Those that played Sword & Shield videos, these characters had a huge impact on the story line and were always a shining part of the plot.

The prior generation of Sun & Moon had a similar card in Alola Friends, but was never released outside the Japanese set. Global fans believed it would also happen for Galar Friends, but fortunately with Silver Tempest our luck has turned around. This card has a unique artwork, it's an astonishing send off for the Sword & Shield era.


#7 Rayquaza VMAX (Trainer Gallery)

Fans of Zinnia have finally matched Rayquaza VMAX and Rayquaza V. The youthful Draconid has been featured on the alternate-art version of Rayquaza V from the Evolving Skies, the alternate-art version Rayquaza VMAX opted for a grandiose vista which is from the same set. Silver Tempest introduces a Rayquaza VMAX that features Zinnia in the powerful artwork.

This card is a must get for players that finished the Delta Episode which is from Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire and want their Zinnia cards completed.


#6 Alt-Art Regidrago V

The Regidrago stands out compared to the rest of its Regi family. Even though they all have otherworldly designs to them. It has been introduced in the Crown Tundra DLC of Sword & Shield stands.

Every Regi's design is motivated by their typing: Registeel is of iron body, Regis is made of a lattice of ice, Regirock is composed of earth. Regidrago has the Dragon typing, and that explains why its arms resemble the lower and upper jaws of a long-lost dragon.

The other artwork of Regidrago V reveals them taking a rest from battle and sitting in a dilapidated temple. The legendary Titans were around in ancient times, when Regigigas formed the regions of the world and created guardians to protect the regions. Initially finding them in Hoenn region, the original Regis are hidden in temples around Hoenn, shown as relics from an ancient era.

This card art is brilliant at displaying Regidrago asleep in the last vestiges of the temple, anticipating for the world to need them once more.


#5 Regidrago VSTAR

Regidrago VSTAR is one of the most exciting cards for off meta. Regidrago VSTAR has a twist on the "Mewbox" which has a style of play with the attach Apex Dragon. This can emulate any attack of a Dragon Pokemon in your discard pile. Moving into the era of Violet & Scarlet, Regidrago VSTAR can become extremely powerful thanks to new Dragon-type Pokemon which is in the Paldea region.


#4 Lugia VSTAR

This is the first Pokemon VSTAR that is colourless, and that's release caused an upheaval in the meta as every set attempted to shift 

to include Arceus VSTAR. Lugia VSTAR aims to the carry on the trend with a powerful VSTAR ability and incredible damage power in the Tempest Dive attack.


Lugia VSTAR has strength and the potential to keep your toolkit Pokemon in play and deal with anti-meta stadiums Stadiums and not force you to change core strategy or energy count. It may take time for Lugia VSTAR to come up in the meta, it would be smart to pick up a playset before it spikes along with tournament results.


#3 Alt-Art Unown V

With some players, getting the proper Unown to spell out the exact words is a worthwhile goal that keeps players enrapt in the Ruins of Alph for continuous hours. These players have cards worth getting in the form of alternate art Unown V.

The card is great at showing what makes Unown so different in Pokemon world, as they hang around the Ruins of Alph. The normal form of this card only has the Unown for the use of letter V, the alternate-art card possesses enough Unown to display a confidential message that spells out the signature attack of: V I C T O R Y S Y M B O L


#2 Full-Art Serena

Meanwhile collectors jump between liking and disliking Pokemon X and Y, everyone agrees on the fact that they like the character Serena. This character is featured in the anime as the traveling companion Ash Ketchum who's part of the Kalos region and continues on to be a very successful coordinator just like the character May.


This card makes a first arrival of Serena in Pokemon TCG, her card has a much more versatile, specific edition of Boss's Orders. She allows you to pick between discarding upwards to three cards and then drawing until you possess the five in hand. You can even switch out your oppositions active Pokemon with a benched Pokemon V.


#1 Alt-Art Lugia V

The Alternate-Art of Lugia V is the focus of players- the Japanese edition has witnessed costs upwards of £500 to £600 for one copy. Right now, the British one is valued less, but the previous few sets show that the chase rare alternate-art cards can go upwards in price massively.

The Artwork is beautiful, which displays a fisherman's encounter with the legend of a creature. Lugia is now ranked as one of the most famous and loved Legendary Pokemon through all Pokemon generations, so, it shouldn't be a shock that the case rare edition of the Pokemon draws the amount of attention it does!

Silver Tempest is a marvellous set which has man of the cards that makes all Pokemon fans happy. Adding the Trainer Gallery in recent decks allows TPCi to add characters that could have been overlooked in TCG. Overall it's amazing to eventually have the characters such as Serena, Gloria and Wallace on the cards.

For too long, it seemed like the Pokemon Company International have been trying to keep the video games, animated sets, and even the TCG completely separate. But now we see characters like Serena and Gloria in Silver Tempest it's the ideal shift to displaying more of the characters that Pokemon supporters have been waiting for.

Silver Tempest could be the final big set for Sword & Shield era, but we do feel TPCi has more surprises for fans before we start the Paldea region! If you do get any cards from this list, do let us know on Twitter or Instagram!

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