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Lost Origin's Top 10 cards: Pokemon TCG.

Lost Origin's Top 10 cards: Pokemon TCG.

Would you like to round out your Pokemon TCG deck with some huge cards from the Lost Origin expansion? This will help!

Every time there's a new set of trading card games, anticipation and speculations reach an all-time high. This also happens with the 

Pokemon TCG and the Lost Origin set, which introduces cards with the potential to upset any meta.

This displays excellent Trainers and Pokemon. The main focus point is the Lost Zone's forgotten mechanic, which has cards that go perfectly well with it. Pokemon TCG is consistent in releasing impactful sets, here are some of the top cards you can include.



This is a fascinating set of cards found in Lost Origin. What enables the combination is Finneon. With its ability Oceanic Accompaniment, it gives you the opportunity to attach Water-type Energy as frequently as you like to a Pokemon with the Swim Freely attack.

The best option has to be Dewgong even though there's a few to choose from. Its attack, Floe Return, does 40 damage for each Water Energy you choose to shuffle back into your deck. With Finneon, it's possible to rack up energy quickly, and launch devastating attacks akin to the legacy combination of Deluge Blastoise and Keldeo-EX.



Hisuian Goodra, even though it may look like the saddest Pokemon out of the set, it hasn't a reason to feel that way. Base V form has little to add, but the VSTAR form great quality.

Hisuian Goodra VSTAR is a complete other beast. It deals out 200 damage attack and reduces incoming damage by 80 for a turn. Along with its VSTAR Power Moisture Star, which recovers it completely, it makes Goodra a viable wall, and can outlive your opponent as you accumulate damage.



Hisuian Zoroark doesn't seem to be as impactful as other cards in this set, but it really isn't bad. Unfortunately, the base form isn't great, which means the VSTAR form carries this duo.



Gift energy is the one Special Energy released in Lost Origin. But, despite being bespoke it is definitely worth a mention, as it has great effect.

It has one Colourless Energy, but if the Pokemon attached to it is Knocked Out by an attacker, you draw cards until you have a hand of seven. This is just like Lucky Egg an older Pokemon Tool. This has a similar effect on Energy which makes it even better, so it has a positive effect if you do lose your Pokemon.



Cramorant is one of the best single-prize cards released in this set, potentially the best. It's Lost Supply potential makes Cramorant attack without Energy when you have four or more cards in your Lost Zone, which makes it an already synergy with the other cards.

Cramorant is perfect for crippling out your opponent's larger opponent being a single prize card. As it prepares for up and coming Knockouts. Also, it requires no Energy to attack in the correct circumstance, so you can get ready as Cramorant goes in on whatever it sees.



Colress has a list of useful cards in the past, and Colress's Experiment from this set is in the same vein. You can look at the top five cards of your deck, put three in your hand, and put the others in the Lost Zone.

Drawing three cards isn't strange in the Pokemon TCG, but sending cards into the Lost Zone as a bonus is brilliant. For decks that use it as a resource Lost Zone engine card is a great addition. Other cards from this set make this Supporter well worth the watch in your list.

Colress maintains his cool status just like in the games.



Comfey can come across weak at first glances, but it can be a great tech card for Lost Zone decks. With the ability of Flower Selecting, allowing you to draw two cards, keep one, and then send the other to the Lost Zone.

It's been established that the Lost Zone package seems to be strong, Comfey is infinitely splashable on decks using the mechanic. It's possible to use with multiple Comfey via Air Balloon, Scoop Up Net, and other cards that allow switches. If it's a plan of yours to load up your Lost Zone for the likes of Giratina VSTAR and Mirage Gate, Comfey is worth thinking about.



Thorton is a supporter card that allows you to replace on of your Pokemon in play with a Basic Pokemon from the discard pile. It has many similarities to the older formats, Ninja Boy.

Switching a Pokemon that sets up fast with a damage dealer that has problems setting up is a brilliant effect. This goes well beautifully with Regigigas, Radiant, and wonderful, rare cards. Set up several Energy with Regigigas, then swap into a Colourful Charizard or a wonderful Rare Yveltal for colossal damage.



Mirage Gate could be good enough of a reason to play the Lost Zone engine, it has an amazing effect that all decks want. But there's a condition: you only get to play this card if you have seven plus cads in the Lost Zone.

The effect makes up for that. You get to search your deck for up to two Basic Energy of different types and put them with your Pokemon. Searching for energy isn't that rare, but free attachment through an item card isn't common. This is super strong on Pokemon that use several types of energy.



Giratina makes the cover of this Legendary set for good reasons. Giratina V is already good, it's Abyss Seeker Attack allows you to draw and put cards into the Lost Zone, like Colress's Experiment. Shred isn't far from a good attack either.

However, Giratina VSTAR is the place to be with this team. The Lost Impact attack is superb, dealing a massive 280 damage and putting two Energy into the Lost Zone is the cherry on top bonus. It's VSTAR Power, Star Requiem, needs you to have a minimum of ten cards in the Lost Zone, and then it immediately Knocks out the other Pokemon.

This is a phenomenal example of a powerful boss monster.

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