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Most Playable Cards in Paradox Rift

Most Playable Cards in Paradox Rift

Players will look to the Internet for the best cards possible in the packs they purchase to build the best possible deck when getting into Pokemon TCG after the release of Scarlet & Violet—Paradox Rift expansion. Be sure to look at singles, booster boxes, and more for Pokemon Paradox Rift at our store.


Iron Hands ex Pokemon Card from Paradox Rift
  1. Iron Hands ex

The Lightning-type Iron Hands ex is a consistent and reliable damage dealer despite its low 230 HP. Iron Hands ex has the Amp You Very Much attack, costing one Lightning Energy and three Colorless Energy, making Iron Hands ex a flexible Pokemon for any deck. Even without Tera ex, Iron Hands ex is capable of changing the course of battle with its ability to steal Prize Cards through Amp You Very Much.


The high energy cost of retreating at 4 energy is a considerable downside, but most Lightning decks are built around energy acceleration. With other cards like Earthen Vessel, Electric Generator, or even other Pokemon like Flaaffy, you can manage this inconvenience by playing Iron Hands ex smartly. Be on the lookout for Iron Hands ex in your Pokemon Paradox Rift packs!


Roaring Moon ex 124/182
  1. Roaring Moon ex

Roaring Moon ex is a top-tier card in Paradox Rift with an automatic one-hit KO (OHKO) move in Frenzied Gouging. The Ancient Form of Salamence is a menace to play against with a move that deals consistent damage in Calamity Storm, only costing two Darkness Energy and one Colorless energy. The setup for Roaring Moon ex is simple yet devastating with utility cards like Professor Sada’s Vitality and Ancient Booster Energy Capsule.


The downside to Frenzied Gouging is its reduction of Roaring Moon ex’s HP down to 30 HP from max health. This can be counteracted by good supporting utility, as well as being smart with how you use Roaring Moon ex’s Frenzied Gouging. Building your deck around Roaring Moon ex is sure to guarantee success if you manage to pick it up!


Jirachi 126/182 card
  1. Jirachi

The adorable Wish Pokemon in Jirachi is an effective card for energy acceleration in your deck.  A glaring weakness is that Jirachi cannot do damage and only has 70 HP. But employing Jirachi means that a player is looking to set up the carry Pokemon in the deck! 


Its Ability and Charged Energy attack make it one of the best support Pokemons in Paradox Rift. Jirachi can play its Charged Energy attack on turn one with one Colorless Energy, which permits you to look through your deck for two Basic Energy Cards. This can be used in combination with Earthen Vessel. Be sure to consider Jirachi as a card in your Paradox Rift decks!


Counter Catcher Gold Rare from Crimson Invasion returns in Paradox Rift
  1. Counter Catcher

It might seem strange to rate a card that swaps in a Benched Pokemon so highly, but Counter Catcher is an excellent field-leveling card to even the odds when you’re behind in Prize Cards. The card provides an opportunity for decks that are typically slower to take control of the game. 


Evolution-focused decks are going to love Counter Catcher as an Item Card, which can be used in combination with other Trainer Cards like Roxanne. Counter Catcher is one of the most playable Pokemon cards when playing from behind. Pokemon TCG can go either way and having a resource to bounce back is a key element in any deck for Paradox Rift.


  1. Earthen Vessel

Since Paradox Rift came out, energy has been the name of the game. Earthen Vessel provides a lot of utility, allowing you to obtain two basic energy cards for discarding one. It goes very well with other energy-searching abilities, making Earthen Vessel a key card to have in any Paradox Rift deck.

The main drawbacks are that you must discard (which may be advantageous when you have an Energy card you cannot use) and can only choose two basic energy cards. Earthen Vessel is an improved version of Energy Search that will stand the test of time and is one of the most powerful cards in Paradox Rift.


These cards are key to building a good deck in the current Pokemon TCG meta. Make sure to keep an eye out for these valuable Pokemon and Trainer cards in your Paradox Rift packs.


Check out singles, booster boxes, and more for Pokemon Paradox Rift at our store.

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