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Top 5 Most Sought After Cards in Pokémon Paradox Rift

Top 5 Most Sought After Cards in Pokémon Paradox Rift

Despite being a player-centric set, Paradox Rift offers plenty of valuable cards for collectors.

The Pokémon Company has had a very busy year. With updates to the Scarlet & Violet games, a new animated series, and a few classic titles returning to Nintendo Switch Online, we’ve had plenty of new content come out in 2023. Fortunately, that hasn’t stopped the Trading Card Game from pushing out new releases, such as the highly-anticipated Pokémon 151.


Paradox Rift is the latest release. Launched November 3, the new mainline set adds an exciting twist to the game through time-shifted mons. The first of the mainline TCG releases to incorporate the Ancient and Futuristic Pokémon we were introduced to in the video games. 


If we're being honest, this set is a player’s set. While collectors might experience a slight disappointment due to the absence of new alternate art cards for iconic Pokémon like Charizard and Pikachu, the set holds immense appeal for those seeking to expand their collections with unique characters.


The Five Most Coveted Cards In Paradox Rift

Want to know which cards are racking up the most value? Here are the five most sought-after cards in Paradox Rift, based on their market value as of writing. 


Parasol Lady Special Illustration Rare from Paradox Rift

5. Parasol Lady Ultra Rare ($30.22)

Based on market value, this Trainer card is one of the most in-demand in the Paradox Rift set. Its artwork is quite serene, with beautiful attention to detail and gorgeous lighting. In-game, the card can be powerful but only in limited turns.


Professor Sadas Vitality Special Illustration Rare


4. Professor Sada's Vitality Special Illustration Rare ($30.44)

Trainer cards are some of the most prized in nearly any TCG, and Paradox Rift is no exception. Professor Sada’s Vitality Special Illustration Rare is an excellent catch for both collectors and players who want an edge in-game. 


Professor Sada’s Vitality is a powerful Supporter for Ancient Pokémon, allowing you to bring back a Basic Energy card from your discard pile. For collectors, its artwork features the adorable Smoliv and Teddiursa attentively watching the Professor at work. 


Gholdengo  ex Special Illustration Rare


3. Gholdengo ex Special Illustration Rare ($41.84)

A card that initially reached $98 in market value, the Gholdengo ex Special Illustration Rare card may have dipped in price, but it still manages to be one of the most valuable items in the Paradox Rift set. The artwork features the ‘mon in a power stance, and its Coin Bonus Ability is an excellent move that shouldn’t be underestimated in play.


Iron Valiant ex Special Illustration rare from Paradox Rift


2. Iron Valiant ex Special Illustration Rare - ($57.08)

Iron Valiant ex is one of the most anticipated cards of the bunch, peaking at $58 on the TCG market. As of writing, the card’s price has only dropped by one dollar, indicating a sustained demand. It’s easy to see why it ranks so highly on many people’s lists – the futuristic artwork perfectly captures the Pokémon’s avant-garde aura.



  1. Roaring Moon Ex Special Illustration Rare ($113)

The chase card to end them all, Roaring Moon Ex is the only card in Paradox Rift to go above $100 – and stay there. As of writing, the card holds a price of $113.89, making it the most valuable card in the game. There’s no denying the artwork’s visual prowess: Ryota Murayama’s illustration is a spectacle of Roaring Moon’s incredible abilities. 


It’s also the most powerful card to play. With it, players can knock off 220 HP from the opponent if they discard a Stadium.

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