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The 6 Rarest and Most Valuable Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards and What They’re Worth

The 6 Rarest and Most Valuable Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards and What They’re Worth

In the world of Yu-Gi-Oh!, there are a handful of cards so rare and valuable that they're the stuff of legends. These one-of-a-kind cards can command millions of dollars, making them the Holy Grail for collectors and duelists alike. From tournament prizes to one-of-one prints, here are some of the rarest and most valuable Yu-Gi-Oh! cards – and how much you’d have to pay for them.


6. Minerva, The Exalted Lightsworn


This card was awarded to the winners of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series in 2015 and 2016, making it extremely rare and exclusive. Only a handful of copies exist in the world, and they can fetch up to $2,000 on the secondary market. Minerva, The Exalted Lightsworn is a powerful card that can mill cards from your deck to activate various effects, such as drawing cards, destroying cards on the field, or summoning more Lightsworn monsters from your graveyard.


5. Gold Sarcophagus 


Valued at around $9,600 on the secondary market, this card was given to the top four finishers of the Shonen Jump Championship in 2005, and it was also printed as a Gold Rare in the 2009 Gold Series. However, the original prize card version is much more valuable, as it features a unique gold foil and a holographic image. 


Gold Sarcophagus is a useful in-game card that can banish any card from your deck face-up, and then add it to your hand after two turns. This can help you search for key cards or set up combos for later. 


4. Tyler the Great Warrior


This card is one of a kind, as it was created for Tyler Gressle, a young boy who was diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer in 2002. As part of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Tyler got to design his own Yu-Gi-Oh! card with the help of Konami. The result was Tyler The Great Warrior, a fusion monster that resembles Future Trunks from Dragon Ball Z. The card has an impressive 3000 attack points and can destroy any monster it battles without applying damage calculation. 


Up until March this year, the only copy was in Tyler’s possession after he has stated that he will never sell it. The 1/1 card was sold on eBay for $311,211, making it the highest-selling Yu-Gi-Oh! card to date.


3. Cyber-Stein


This card was awarded to the winners of the Shonen Jump Championship in 2004, and it was also printed as an Ultra Rare in the Dark Beginning 2 set. It’s also a secret rare in the Battles Of Legend: Hero's Revenge set. But if you’re looking for the most valuable version, it’s the prize card – the original offers a different illustration and a shinier finish. It even sold for $30,100.

In-game, Cyber-Stein is a notorious card that can pay 5000 life points to special summon any fusion monster from your extra deck. This can allow you to summon powerful monsters like Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon or Cyber End Dragon on your first turn, potentially ending the duel in one blow.


  1. Blue-Eyes White Dragon


This card needs no introduction, as it’s arguably the most iconic card not just in the game, but in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Franchise. There are several reprints of this card, but the rarest and most valuable one is the first edition Ultra Rare from the Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon set, which was released in 2002. This card can sell for up to $25,000 on the secondary market.


You can find Blue-Eyes White Dragon in the Legendary Collection: 25th Anniversary Edition as a Quarter-Century Secret Rare, and in the Speed Duel: Battle City Box as a Secret Rare.


  1. Tournament Black Luster Soldier


This card is the holy grail for any Yu-Gi-Oh! collector, as it is the only one of its kind in existence. It was awarded to the winner of the first ever Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament in Japan in 1999, which was attended by only 40 players – making it the rarest card in the entire TCG.


The card is made of stainless steel and features a striking golden holographic image of Black Luster Soldier, a ritual monster that can be summoned by tributing Black Luster Ritual and any warrior monster. Don’t be shocked by its price tag – this one-of-a-kind gem commands a grand $2 million.


Don’t be discouraged from collecting, though – not all Yu-Gi-Oh! cards of value have to burn a hole in your pocket. From the newest releases to reprints, you can check out our range of Yu-Gi-Oh! Sealed Booster Boxes and Individual Packs right here.

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